127 Legacy

127 Legacy

The 127 Legacy Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was founded by Dr. Ben Abraham to support orphanages and children’s homes across Indonesia.  Devoted to helping indigenous ministries find and place needy children in loving orphanages and children’s homes so they might be loved, cared for, and given hope for new life in the love of God, the 127 Legacy Foundation supports their mission with the help of benevolent donations,  resources, and an amazing team of partners.

Our Goals:

  • To reach and restore as many needy children as possible from a life of hopelessness, despair, poverty, neglect and abuse. To establish and support a growing network of orphanages and children’s homes across Indonesia.
  • To affect life-long positive change in the life of each child under the care of the ministries we support, and to help equip them to become positive influencers for change in their own culture and the world.
  • To glorify God in our nurturing of children, in our dealings with people, and in our responsible handling of the finances and resources entrusted to us.

As the 127 Legacy Foundation grows, we plan to continue to support, build, expand, and/or multiply children’s homes and orphanages across Indonesia that will house, clothe, feed, educate and care for homeless, displaced, poor, and/or parentless children by partnering with churches, organizations, companies, groups and individuals to help us provide necessities for the homes, the children and the staff who care for them.

Each year we lead a team that travels to Indonesia and assists with the needs of the community through construction, repair, expansion, medical/dental services, children’s activities and essential collection of items that the children need (clothing, school supplies, recreational equipment, etc.).  We currently sponsor an orphanage on Sumatra, Hope of Nations Children’s Home, and the Rebana House of Joy in Kupang, West Timor, which are made up of dedicated leaders that are trained in caring for children and passionate about ministering to these precious youth.   We look forward our continued service and partnership in assisting with improvement projects and hope to have the opportunity to sponsor more devoted organizations in the future.

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127 Legacy Foundation

To learn more about our 127 Legacy Foundation and how you can help support the children and our expanding facilities, head to www.127legacy.org or email us at info@127legacy.org!