Dermatology Care

Dermatology CareThe practice of dermatology extends beyond hair, skin and nails here at Dr. B. Abraham, P.C.  We offer patients of all age’s services ranging from acne, rashes and skin cancer treatment to skin conditions that can result in symptoms from frustrating to life threatening concerns.  We understand that if you notice any irregular skin lesions, it can be alarming, but we believe that early detection is key and we recommend seeking the advice of a board certified physician for help.  For patients with skin conditions like acne or age spots, we offer cosmetic services such as chemical peels and masks may help improve the appearance of your skin.

Acne Evaluations and Management
Acne, characterized by raised, red blemishes, can be frustrating and even embarrassing at any age.  When too much sebum (oil produced in the sebaceous glands) is produced, it blocks and clogs your pores.  The blockage then harbors bacteria and subsequently produced acne.  Acne can come in several types, all treated differently.  At Dr. B. Abraham, P.C. we can evaluate your skin and recommend the most effective acne management plan based on your unique skincare needs to help achieve radiant-looking skin.

Over time, the combination of repetitive facial expressions and natural aging causes wrinkling to form on the forehead, brow, and eye area.   Botox® Cosmetic is a dermal injectable made of a protein and neurotoxin in a purified form (Botulinum toxin A) that is used to make mild to moderate wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead disappear by relaxing the muscles on the upper facial area.  A few quick Botox® injections produce results that can generally last four months and create a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Cryotherapy/Radiofrequency Surgery
Abraham Family & Geriatric Medicine is one of only two practices in Georgia to perform cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a process that uses extreme cold to destroy abnormal tissues or to remove diseased tissue of the skin.  Similar to radiofrequency surgery, cryotherapy treats skin conditions including warts, moles, actinic keratosis, and certain specific forms skin cancer.  The cold ultimately slows down the decline in cellular metabolism to allow abnormal cells to be destroyed in addition to helping reduce pain and inflammation.

Radiofrequency surgery eliminates moles, warts, skin tags or other irregular tissues.  Instead of utilizing extreme cold, high frequencies cut and coagulate the soft tissue to reduce the chances of patients experiencing possible side effects and risks.  This technology is highly flexible and therefore allows us to safely treat any area of the face or body.

Facial Fillers
For areas of the face around the nose, lips/mouth and cheeks that have lost suppleness with age, facial fillers, made from naturally occurring non-animal hyaluronic acid, restore lost volume and refine fine lines and deep wrinkles.  Fillers additionally boost the body’s natural collagen production allowing results to last from six months to over a year depending on the specific filler used.

Cosmetic injectables are excellent solutions for adults who would like to renew their youthful appearance but may not yet be ready for more extensive surgical procedures like a facelift.

Hair Removal
Achieving a hair free body was something only once achieved with shaving and other temporary methods of hair removal.  Now, ridding yourself of unwanted hair can be a permanent option with advanced laser hair removal technology.  Laser hair removal can be performed on many areas of the body including the face, chest, arms, legs, back, bikini area and underarms.  Depending on your specific needs, a series of 4-6 treatments are recommended for permanent hair removal but can be determined during a consultation.  Laser hair removal treatments are safe for all skin types and since there is little to no required downtime so you can return to your regular schedule uninterrupted.

Skin Cancer Diagnosis
Skin cancer can sound frightening, but when detected and treated in the early stages, skin cancer has a very high cure rate. This is why consistent skin cancer screenings at the offices of Dr. B. Abraham, PC are so important. By examining the skin and paying especially close attention to growths, moles, and dry patches, we can identify any potentially cancerous or pre-cancerous growths and perform a biopsy to confirm a diagnosis, so that the growth can be treated to prevent or minimize spreading. Because one of the primary clues of skin cancer is a change in previous growths or moles, we urge patients to see us for a professional skin cancer screening every year and to be familiar with their skin so that they can notice changes at home as well.

Skin Rash Diagnosis
Skin rashes and irritations are extremely common, but they need to be appropriately diagnosed and treated. From atopic dermatitis like eczema to contact dermatitis like poison ivy to hives to psoriasis, skin irritations can have a number of causes and treatments. Some are caused by coming into contact with an irritant, while others are caused by ingesting an allergen, and still others are caused by a chronic condition. Regardless, we carefully examine any skin rash or irritation so that the patient can receive appropriate treatment and can learn how to potentially prevent future occurrences.