Price vs. Experience: Find out Which Takes Priority With BOTOX® Cosmetic

abraham medical cosmeticsWhen considering facial injectables, do you shop around for the right doctor or the right price? Although saving money is always alluring, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and the Physicians’ Coalition for Injectable Safety warn against “bargain botox.” Many medical providers offer discounts on facial injectables, but reputable medical providers do not offer them at “bargain” prices because they cannot buy the FDA approved, brand-name cosmetic injectables at “bargain” prices from legitimate manufacturers. Due to a rise in counterfeit injectables, patients who seek these extremely low prices risk compromising their health with potentially harmful ingredients and more under qualified providers are willing to buy the off-brand product.

Although BOTOX® Cosmetic is safe when it’s injected by an experienced, trained professional, off brand versions of botox can produce significant health risks. Besides that, an unqualified injector can produce less than satisfactory results. Have you heard about the dreaded droopy eyelid? If not, it’s not pretty and also not easy to fix. It’s best to receive injections from a qualified doctor or nurse injector to avoid complications. More