Is Zerona® the same as Laser Liposuction?

abraham medical cosmeticsNo, Zerona® is a non-invasive fat reduction method whereas laser liposuction is a type of surgical fat removal.  We use Zerona® treatment at Abraham Medical Cosmetics to reduce fat and inches from patients’ hips, back, arms, and even buttocks.  Zerona® applies a low-level laser to the treatment area that causes the fat within cells to emulsify and become absorbed by the lymphatic system.  Most of our Snellville Zerona® patients see results after 4-6 sessions.

Conversely, laser liposuction uses the application of a laser to loosen fat and a series of incisions into which suctioning cannulas are inserted to remove the targeted fat.  Most laser liposuction patients report a recovery period of 10-14 days following the surgery.  Given the invasive nature of the procedure, we choose to offer non-invasive fat reduction and weight management alternatives such as LipoLite™, Curva™, and nutritional counseling.

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