Turn Back the Clock with Nonsurgical Treatments

This time of year can be extremely busy.  We’re officially welcoming fall and next thing you know we’ll be gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas (we’re not rushing it but it also seems to spring up from nowhere)!  If you’re like the Abraham Family & Geriatric Medicine team then you’ve probably spent a good deal of time enjoying the great summer weather, but for some, common skin conditions relating to aging and the sun can leave the skin needing a little TLC.  Sometimes the physical reminders that are left can make patients appear older than they really are.  Fortunately, men and women of varying ages, skin tones and skin types have access to safe and effective nonsurgical treatments (some with lasers, some without) to help turn back the clock and erase evident signs of gravity and aging.

skin care specials Let’s start with the face.  Often times we aren’t aware just how much damage the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can do to our skin.  When it comes to sun damage, skin cancer is a major concern.  Even if your sunburn doesn’t lead to sun damage, it can cause pigmentation concerns that we call age/brown spots.  While they generally don’t pose a health risk, age spots appear on the outermost layer of your skin as flat tan, brown or black spots after repeated exposure to the sun.  Since these types of pigmented cells do not disappear on their own, topical medications, laser or intense pulsed light therapy treatments are needed for patients to restore a rejuvenated appearance.

When we lose collagen production it causes the skin to start to sag and we notice the development of fine lines, deep wrinkles and even hollowed, sunken cheeks, lips and eyes even more.  On top of all that, spider veins can look more prominent beneath thin, dull skin.  Instead of hiding them under tons of makeup, why not take care of them with a more permanent solution?  To successfully perform spider vein removal with lasers, not just any will do.  Our newest laser system, Cutera® is one of the most advanced, multi-faceted systems on the market.  Most notably, the Cutera® Excel V™ laser can treat age/brown spots and facial veins for men and women of all skin types.  Boasting a built in cooling system, Cutera® provides extra comfort so you can get back to your routine without the need of extensive downtime.

Then there is one of the biggest indicators of aging – wrinkles.  Some of us may experience aging later on and only have fine lines around the eyes or corners of the mouth while others may experience deeper wrinkling that creates furrows on the brow or jowls.  What’s great about cosmetic facial injections is that they are FDA-approved to help men and women achieve a more youthful look with a little assistance from these collagen production boosting treatments.  Facial injectable treatments are quick and require little to no downtime; plus, you can maintain your results from 4 months up to over a year, depending on your goals and treatment you choose.

Each month we feature specials on some of the most popular skincare treatments from laser hair removal and wrinkle reduction to nonsurgical fat reduction.  If you’re more in the market to try a facial injectable, for September, we’re featuring the facial filler Radiesse® where patients can buy one syringe of Radiesse® for $600 and get ONE FREE (free Radiesse® must be used at time of first visit).  Additionally this month, we invite you to save on Cutera®.  Try a Cutera® hair removal, spider vein or brown spot removal treatment and receive $100 OFF (valid for one treatment only).  Specials are valid until September 30, 2015; while supplies last (some exclusions may apply).  For a complete list of our skincare specials or for more information on our cosmetic skincare treatments or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact Abraham Family & Geriatric Medicine!