Age/Brown Spots

Age spots and other brown spots on the skin do not generally pose a health risk, but for patients who want a more clear and smooth complexion, removal can be a good option. These spots are the result of excess pigment in the topmost layer of skin, and while some spots (like freckles) appear naturally, age spots are caused by accumulated sun exposure over time. Removing age spots can give the skin a rejuvenated appearance, and a consultation will allow us to determine the best removal method for each patient.

Some topical medications have proven effective for specific patients, while other patients will see more success with laser or intense pulsed light therapy to destroy the pigment cells. For patients who only have one spot or a small cluster of spots, destroying the pigment cells with cryotherapy (freezing) can be a good option, whereas patients with larger treatment areas may find dermabrasion or chemical peels to be more beneficial.