Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Abraham Medical Cosmetic’s certified aesthetic technicians in Snellville, GA (outside of Atlanta) employ a combination of the latest skin treatment technology and time-tested methods to effectively remove unwanted body hair from patients’ face, beard, neck, chest, arms, legs, and/or bikini.

Palomar® Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal
Abraham Medical Cosmetic’s Palomar® IPL  technology uses a process similar to laser hair removal to target the melanin present within the follicles of unwanted hair and impede any future hair growth.  Our trained, hair removal technicians position the FDA approved IPL hand piece over the areas of unwanted hair and then administer the short, concentrated pulses of light to target the follicles.  IPL treatment time varies depending upon the size and area to be treated, but Palomar® machinery’s large spot size makes the treatment much shorter and cost effective than traditional laser hair removal methods.  Because hair is most effectively removed when in its growing phase, most patients require four to six treatments for complete hair removal.

Syneron Elos® RF Hair Removal
Like the technology utilized in fat reduction, Syneron’s Elos® hair removal system combines radiowave and light energy to safely target undesired hair follicles and prevent future growth.  Because this system can effectively target and remove unwanted hair with less energy than that required of traditional laser hair removal, it is an ideal option for hair removal patients with darker or suntanned skin. While the exact number will vary based on the patient as well as the treatment area(s), most Syneron® patients require four to six treatments for complete hair removal.

Cutera® excel HR™ Laser Hair Removal
Our newest and most effective laser technology, excel HR™, is one of the safest laser hair removal systems on the market.  Harnessing high-performing dual wavelength systems (755nm/1064nm), excel HR™ provides first-class laser hair removal results that are safe for all skin types (yes, even tanned skin).  As excel HR™ treatment can be customized for specific skin tones, patients can expect not only rapid treatment but also minimal discomfort.  Excel HR™ boasts a built in cooling system that works before, during and after treatment to provide patients with an extremely comfortable experience.  In addition to treating unwanted hair, the excel HR™ system is safe for treating skin conditions including age/brown spots as well as removing facial and leg spider veins.