Importance of Eating Well with Fat Reduction Treatments

abraham medical cosmeticsAlthough I offer a variety of cosmetic services, I am first and foremost a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and maintain my patients’ overall health as my top priority. However, I also understand that “looking good” is a large part of “feeling good.” While my staff and I stress that a healthy lifestyle should never be forfeited for beauty, we hope to help patients achieve both by educating them on nutrition and healthy living as well as providing cosmetic treatments at Abraham Medical Cosmetics.

Our fat and cellulite reduction treatments are some of our most popular cosmetic services because they are non-invasive. While no substitute for diet and exercise, these fat and cellulite reduction methods help patients who, for whatever reason (i.e.- pregnancy, genetics, hormonal imbalances, etc.), cannot get rid of excess fat and cellulite with diet and exercise alone. Besides giving my patients nutrition tips, More