The Importance of Wellness Visits

The Abraham Family & Geriatric Medicine team is a firm believer in annual exams because they help patients not only prevent the onset of threatening illness and conditions but it can also help serve as ongoing maintenance for your general health. These types of exams allow us to help chart progress on health goals and evaluate if there are any aspects of your health that may need improving. Many people think doctors are necessary only when something has happened, but that’s not entirely the case! The way we like to think about it is: why wait when you can get a head start and catch health concerns before they become EVEN BIGGER issues? Our team feels strongly that annual exams are important (in fact, we have many reasons), but today, want to focus on the importance of wellness visits for men and women.

The Importance of Wellness VisitsWhat are wellness visits?

Think of wellness visits as a type of counseling visit performed by our experienced medical providers. This type of annual exam is for when you’re not sick and want to maintain, or even improve, your health. Wellness visits serve as the starting line for a physician to evaluate your current health as well as compare past physicals to determine any health changes {it’s important to note that diagnostic testing is not performed during wellness visits, but if we notice something that is concerning, we would schedule testing for a later date to verify if a disease is present}. Some refer to these types of exams as a physical or checkup, but they all are synonyms in the grand scheme, that refer to an important conversation and evaluation between doctor and patient. When conducting a wellness visit we take an extensive look at your family’s medical history to catch conditions and diseases early on, perform a physical exam, and provide overall counseling to discuss how to keep you healthy and even healthier day-to-day.

How often should I schedule a wellness visit?

Wellness visits have the most benefit when received every year. Annual exams are similar to pediatric checkups and serve as a benchmark to recognize concerns before they become detrimental to a patient’s health. We use all of the data we collect from you, in addition to physical evaluations, to predict your risk of disease like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc. and they are great ways to build a healthy relationship with us, your provider.

How should I prepare for an annual wellness visit?

To prepare for your wellness visit we recommend the following:

  • Notate your family’s medical history or start by asking your immediate family about your medical history, and that of your family’s, if you aren’t already aware.
  • Write down a list of medications you have taken or are currently taking to share with your doctor (including all supplements and vitamins).
  • Come up with a list of health questions you may have – no matter what it is, so we can cover the most pressing issues you may have concerning your health during your wellness visit (this can include concerns about your skin, sexual health, respiratory illnesses, etc.).

At Abraham Family & Geriatric Medicine, we provide annual wellness visits free of charge for our insured patients – that means no copay or deductible needed. We’re happy to help our patients live better, healthier lives through every stage of their maturity and encourage anyone interested in learning more about our family medicine services to contact us at 770-978-1331 today.  Be sure to check back frequently as we cover more important healthcare topics and issues; feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to join in on the conversation as well!